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    The Number System for Worship Leaders

    The Nashville Number System is all over the internet. There are so many interpretations, but not quite like this one in NS4WL (Number System for Worship Leaders).


    The Vocal Shed is excited to offer The Number System for Worship Leaders and Singers. You do not need a background in music theory or piano to take this 3 week course.


    Singers will be able to compose songs, GPS sing and finally understand the basics of the number system, chord structures, scale degrees and the many variations on each scale degree. 


    Unfortunately, there are a limited number of seats. Reserve your spot today.

  • How It Works



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    Pay online



    Log in portal and start learning on February 1st



    Attend live coach hours

    No worries. If you can't attend coach hour, you can still take this course. You will have 24 hour access to the materials. 


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    Over 50 pages of instructions, exercises, charts and more included in the course.

  • FAQ


    Q: What if I can't make the live coach hour?

    A: Each coach hour will be recorded and made available in your portal.


    Q: I would like for my worship team to take the course. Is there a discount for groups?

    A: Please email us to obtain a discount code for groups of 3 or more. 

    Q: Will this course help me teach the Number System to others?

    A: Yes. We hope you will consider teaching the Number System to your team, family and friends. 



  • Your Virtual Schedule 


    Learn from anywhere! There are some live and pre-recorded elements to this course.

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    Unlocked February 1

    It's about hearing and recognizing the slots. It may take some time, but developing a musical instinct built on the number system is attainable. Relentless effort in this area will create a smart singer that has more confidence when leading worship or as a background vocalist.

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    Unlocked February 13

    How to use the number system in a real life situation. Take advantage of the charts provided. It's all about understanding the progressions that support the melody you are singing.


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    Unlocked February 20

    This week we are putting it all together. Shedding on the number system with chords progressions, licks and runs.

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    About Coach Hour

    February (7,14 & 21)

    8:15pm EST

    Coach Hours are great for unanswered questions, networking, and learning from others. Each Coach Hour will include live Q&A and recap of lessons. Make plans to join us!