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  • About TVS digital downloads and courses.

    All of our courses and trainings are available for instant download. If you have any problems with accessing your training please email us at vocalshed@music2changeu.com and we will be glad to walk you through the process of accessing your product.

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    Vocal Oven

    Are you having problems with being vocally tired?

    Do you want to increase your range?

    This audio training is available for instant download.


    This training helps with


    Vocal Stamina

    Precise Runs

    Vocal Phrasing

    Increased Range

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    Click piano for more details and pricing.

    888 LWP is great for singers, worship leaders, praise teams, pastors, preachers, choir members that want to know basic worship piano.


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    The Broke Note

    Identify and pursue assets you didn't know you had. The Broke Note 1.0 is available for instant download.



    What’s inside "The Broke Note?”



    1. Perception

    2. How to make 2k in 30 days

    3. Passive income for musicians

    4. Setting up your business

    5. Releasing music

    6. Finding your assets

    7. Getting the callback

    8. How to get repeat gigs

    9. What others won't tell you

    10. Don't throw away any note

    11. Where you should spend your money

    12. The Church Musician Reputation

    13. 5 Streams One Gift